CMMS - Rockville

Children's Manor Montessori School - Rockville (Montgomery County)

14426 Traville Gardens Circle
Rockville, MD 20850
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Phone: 240-328-1012
Fax: 240-328-1008
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Director: Ms. Raghad Fadhel

Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Programs Available:

Toddlers (12 - 23 months)
Pre-Primary (2 - 3 ¾ years)
Primary (3 ½- 5 years)
Honors/Kindergarten (5-6 years)*
Lower Elementary (6-7 years)
*Early Admissions to Kindergarten policy varies by location

Our Rockville campus is a custom built school that has been a part of the Rockville community since 2009. Our classrooms feature extended windows providing a myriad of natural light to enhance the academic and developmental environment. We have a multipurpose room located in the very heart of the school for concerts and presentations, an entry security system, and a large playground near the back of the school, fully gated for safety.


"I am very happy with the curriculum. I love that languages are a part of the studies. I chose this school, in part, because I wanted my child to be exposed to many different languages and cultures. I am amazed by the information my child comes home with every day. He is so excited about learning and he really seems to love the way information is presented to him."

"My child loves his teachers. He speaks fondly about them often."

"Our son is always speaking about his teacher and what he learns. We really appreciate her dedication to his learning."