Parent Involvement

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

We fully understand the importance of parent involvement. That's why we encourage our parents to participate in teacher conferences, fundraising and our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The purpose of the PAC is to support the administration at Children's Manor, as well as help organize various programs throughout the school year. In the past, the PAC has hosted a Teacher Appreciation Week and Family Picnic, in addition to several fundraising efforts. The PAC meets once a month for one hour and is comprised of two volunteers from each classroom. If you are interested in becoming a member of the PAC at your school, please contact your school's administrative staff.

Room Parent

In addition to the Parent Advisory Committee, Children's Manor also has Room Parents. This volunteer position consists of one parent per classroom. The Room Parent acts as liaison between the teacher and parents of that specific classroom. In the event of an unplanned school closing, it is not uncommon for the Room Parent to reach out to the other parents in the class and update them of the closing or delay. Room Parents also can help communicate any concerns to the teacher and serve as mediator and answer questions for other parents. If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent for your classroom, please contact the Lead Instructor/Teacher of your child's class or the school's administrative staff.

The more parents understand their child’s classroom experiences, the better able they are to reinforce what is taught in school at home. We encourage all of our parents to be active participants in their child's education. If you are interested in learning more ways that you can help incorporate Montessori in your home, take a look at our Resources page.

Community Outreach

We recognize that just as important as our students is the community they live in. That is why we are proud to volunteer, donate, and help organizations and businesses in our community.

Over the last 20 years we have donated food to local food banks, donated gifts to local women and family organizations, as well as, helped at area hospitals.

If you have an opportunity in your community that we could help support, please email us.